The International Conference on Robust Quality Engineering (ICRQE), hosts DFSS/Taguchi Method practitioners that share case studies and implementation experience in the area of Robust Engineering, Taguchi Method, Design for Six Sigma and related topics. ICRQE provides a great opportunity to network with practitioners across the world. 

DFSS stands for Design for Six Sigma. DFSS is a systematic approach to develop product/process/service that exceeds customer wants and needs expectation. The Taguchi method is a subset of DFSS say about 30% of DFSS.

We are expecting presentations from Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia, India, Euro and the USA. 

Last year ICRQE 2020 was going to be held in Tokyo face to face, but it was cancelled due to the Corona Virus. We are excited to announce we will be hosting ICRQE 2021 virtually! 

Please email Hiroto Funayama of ITEQ International at hiroto.itoh@iteq.co.jp for any questions.