​Join us virtually for the 2021 International Conference on Robust Quality Engineering (ICRQE), which will explore and share case studies and implementation experience in the area of Robust Engineering, Taguchi Method, Design for Six Sigma and related topics. ICRQE provides a great opportunity to network with practitioners across the world. 

Attendees will receive access to recorded sessions following the conference. 

Our speakers have been selected! We have 20+ speakers from Asia, North America, South America, and Europe joining our virtual conference in September 10-17, 2021. 

Join us by registering using details in our registration tab

Looking forward to seeing you there!

ICRQE 2021 - the 5th Annual Conference

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This conference attracts a multi-disciplinary audience of professionals interested in topics such as:

  • Robust optimization of Product/Process design

  • Developing multidimensional measurement scales that are up to date with the most current trends in multivariate diagnosis/pattern

  • Using measures and procedures that are data analytic and not dependent upon the distribution of the characteristics defining the system.

Relevant industries and professions include but are not limited to: 

  • Engineering (product development, manufacturing, process, mechanical, automotive, electrical, electronics, software, quality, aerospace);

  • Healthcare;

  • Service;

  • R&D personnel;

  • All levels of management.

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